Loss Prevention Officer Training Course

Loss Prevention, or Retail Loss Prevention as its often called, is a specialized function within the security profession. As much as there are overlaps with regular uniformed security duties, loss prevention officers (L.P.O.'s) have a unique scope of duties that is separate and apart from regular security. This course focuses on those specifics.

Content Includes:

Report writing, note taking and event due diligence.

The Canadian Legal system and its functions relative to loss prevention.

Criminal offence recognition. Differences between theft and robbery. theft and fraud, what are the elements of these offences and what steps L.P.O.'s must follow to get a conviction and not get themselves sued civilly.

Use of force, arrest and search legal academics are covered in depth. Learn what you can or cannot do, what is legally acceptable through court case studies of recent cases.

Your instructor is a Superior Court recognized Subject Matter expert in the training of security and police and is as close as an email during this program.

Loss Prevention Officer Training Course
Price $199.99