Bylaw Enforcement Officer Core Competency Course

This is comprehensive and in depth ONLINE Ontario focused, core competency course designed to prepare front line officers in the duties of a Bylaw,  Municipal By-law Enforcement Officer (also referred to as M.L.E.O. in the Police Services and Municipal Acts of Ontario)  or Provincial Offences Officer (P.O.O.). Other Provinces and Territories use similar terms, but the job is essentially the same. For information on being a Bylaw Officer in other Provinces see the B.C. and N.B. course on our website or contact us for a detailed program for your location.

The materials taught in this course are identical and apply to Special Constables (Sp. Cst.) in Ontario, who are also appointed as Provincial Offences Officers for the purposes of enforcing specific legislation where they work. (Every Police Officer and Sp Cst are also empowered to enforce their own By-laws and specific Provincial legislation within their appointments.)

The duration of this course is about 36 hours. Some students with prior learning or experience have completed the program in less time, however usually benefit from the refresher in their knowledge.

Content includes hand-in assignments and final evaluation is completed via an online exam. You will also be interacting directly with an instructor during your course.

The course was written by Subject Matter Experts, as recognized by the courts and the the Provincial Government of Ontario, for the training of Provincial Offences Officers (in Ontario) as well as those who serve as Bylaw or Municipal Law Enforcement Officers in all Provinces and Territories in Canada. This is a  core competency program in all aspects of this field.

M.D. Burgess And Associates Inc. is an official Vendor of Record and Training Provider for the Government of Ontario for Provincial Offences Officers. We are approved and accredited to train Provincial Offences Officers for all Ministries and government funded organizations and Municipalities.

Upon successful completion of the program you will receive a Certificate of Completion suitable for framing.

Bylaw Enforcement Officer Core Competency Course
Average Course Length

36 hours

Price $675