Conservation Authority Provincial Offences Officer Training Program

The purpose of this online training course is to provide core competencies to a person who is looking to be appointed as a Provincial Offences Officer (P.O.O.) within an Ontario Conservation Authority.   

These P.O.O.'s perform compliance and enforcement duties primarily related to activity near lakes, rivers and streams as well as for alterations to watercourses and interference with wetlands within their properties. They also enforce local Bylaws, assist in seasonal camping related issues such as dealing with evictions and trespassers as well as acting as Customer Service personnel. 

Each Conservation Authority is responsible for enforcing regulations under Sections 28 and 29 of the Conservation Authorities Act.  (Regulation of the interference with shorelines and watercourses, and to regulate activities within their parks and areas.)  The legislation also enables them to appoint officers for this purpose. Under the Police Services Act of Ontario, each P.O.O. by appointment is also empowered to enforce local Bylaws as well.

Enforcement procedures for each regulation and Bylaw is dealt with according to local policies and procedures.

This program focuses on the academic knowledge required to perform the duties of a P.O.O. -Conservation Officer. 

Conservation Authority Provincial Offences Officer Training Program
Average Course Length


Price $725