P.S.W. and Healthcare Violence Prevention Course

This online program, also known in Canada as Crisis Prevention, Aggression Response Training, Non-violent or Violence in the workplace Prevention etc is a purely Canadian course well vetted as a credible program to assist Healthcare and Personal Support Workers in staying safe in their workplaces.

Programs are also delivered in class as well or a hybrid of both. The in class portion includes more advanced physical control techniques, disengagement skills and certification in the use of soft/passive restraint systems such as Pinel.

In this course,learners receive foundational information on the management of aggressive and potentially violent patients. Violence is encountered in many healthcare and Personal Support Worker's workplaces ranging from EMS responders to emergency/triage areas, continuing care homes, elder care facilities, and within lock down units for metal health care.

Many Violence Prevention programs do NOT include specific content under Provincial/Territorial Mental Health Patient Care Legislation, civil litigation risks and/or the practical application of these physical skills within Canadian law. Ultimately, healthcare providers are held to account by the courts as to what is or is not "palatable" and therefore justifiable when it comes to the physical handling of patients for medical or mental health treatment. As such it becomes paramount that staff not only become proficient in their skills but also aware of their limitations and duty of care obligations within law.

In Ontario, training under the patient care legislation is mandatory. Due diligence requirements include regular training in both hands on skill sets as well as academic knowledge to meet duty of care requirements.

PSWs provide services and direct care to individuals in hospitals, long-term care homes, group homes, retirement homes, supportive living environments and in the client’s home. They work with clients who have a broad spectrum of conditions and health care needs. Services may be provided on a temporary or continuing basis.

This program is focused on dealing with Violence in the Workplace through education and pro-active techniques.

P.S.W. and Healthcare Violence Prevention Course
Price $169