B.C. Bylaw Enforcement Officer Training Program

Local Municipal governments in B.C. have authority to regulate, prohibit and impose requirements, by bylaw, in relation to various matters. To enforce those rules, local governments may engage in a range of bylaw enforcement activities such as:

• Educating the public about local regulatory rules
• Conducting inspections to ensure that rules are being followed
• Mediating between members of the public
• Leveraging voluntary compliance with the rules where possible
• Seeking formal consequences for bylaw contraventions where compliance is not forthcoming or harm has been done to the community.

Bylaw Officers conduct investigations, issue tickets, execute search warrants in much the same manner as a police officer however are not afforded the same level of training. Within Bylaw Enforcement at local levels, officers are given a variety of duties ranging from Animal Control, Parking, Noise Bylaw Enforcement, Property Standards, etc to General Bylaw enforcement. All of which has its own skill sets, knowledge and abilities. 

Courses currently offered in B.C. fall short in a large number of areas especially when it comes to job specific competencies.

Currently, there is NO mandatory training requirement for Bylaw Officers in B.C. Municipalities must self-regulate in this regard, however without standardized training or legislated requirements to obtain certification or appointment as a Bylaw Officer there are gaps.

The purpose of this online course is to fill some of these recognized gaps. It does contain a review of core competencies such as note taking, report writing, court preparation, and assignments related to local Bylaws and court cases etc, however was intended to be a high level training course, self-directed with support. There are in class sessions held from time to time in B.C. in support of this program to teach such topics as use of force, Violence Prevention and Conflict Avoidance, Bite Stick and Animal Repellent Spray certification, and officer safety. Contact us for details. Minimum class size is 16.

B.C. Bylaw Enforcement Officer Training Program
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